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Construction of the “Niewiadoma” Reservoir

28 września 2010

The first spade for the construction of the reservoir was driven into ground on 24 September.

The event was attended by the representatives of the government, the parliament, the local administration, the investor and the contractor. Before going to the construction site, local governor Piotr Wyszyński told about the investment and gave a multimedia presentation enumerating the future advantages of the project in the Sabnie Commune Council.

After the official part, the guests were directed to Niewiadoma, where the first spade for the future reservoir was driven by Marek Sawicki, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. Mostostal Warszawa was represented by Andrzej Grygo, Director of Environment Engineering Division.

The construction of the „Niewiadoma” reservoir has been the greatest investment project in the Sabnie commune so far.





Construction of the “Niewiadoma” Main Reservoir