Design, construction, supply of machinery and equipment, on-site assembly, start-up and commissioning of an oil and gas boiler system in the turnkey formula in Heat and Power Plant "Zielona Góra" SA

Mostostal Warszawa SA constructed in the turnkey formula and comissioned modern water boiler house in Heat and Power Plant „Zielona Góra” SA, which is a peak load heat source (used mainly in the heavy frost season) with a capacity of 160 MWt. In Europe there are only few such objects. In Poland, there is no bigger than this.

The designed system characterizes innovative solutions based on five separate water boilers for warm water production (capacity of 32 MWt each) and one steam boiler (capacity of 9 t/h and temperature of 250˚C) used for own purposes. The boilers comply stringent performance and emission standards. The standards of exhaust emission are adjusted to the requirments for 2016. Newly built boilers serve as a peek load heat source which operate with gas and steam block. In case of outages will perform works in main power supply as independent heat source. 

The task included the following stages:

  • Demolition of an old technological system based on 4 water boilers type WR25, desassembly parts of steel structure and reconstruction of boiler house nave. The dismantling works were performed without heavy equipment due to installations operating nearly. 
  • Modernisation of boiler house, change of cubic volume, reinforcing and reconstructing of existinf steel structure. Reconstruction of foundations and  construction of new ceiling systems.  
  • Construction of technological system, assembly of boilers, equipment, gas, water and oil pipelines.
  • Start-up.

The basic fuel in the boiler house is gas GZ 41,5, light fuel oil as a reserve fuel. The gas is deliveredto the power plant from deposits in Kościan houndreds of kilometers away through high-pressure pipeline. Moreover, gas reduction station for gas reduction and gas heating of capacity 30 000 m³/h was built to reduce the pressure and to power the boilerhouse. The gas from low-pressure pipeline supplies each boiler in a manifold system. The whole gas installation is secured with detection, shutdown and alarm system in the event of an accident/emergency.    

The oil installation serves for road and rail uploading and transport of oil (uploading of 600 T per 10 h with shunting wagons and tank trucks).Oil is storaged in two above ground steel storage tanks with a total capacity of 3000 m3. The oil installation was equipped in validated flow accounting system for uploading and combustion to calculate the exercise duty of heating oil.  The flow accounting system tgz. SKID was designed and commissioned as a first one in Poland. Its capacity is 30 m3/h.

Towering over the entire system is a six-draught steel chimney with a height of 45 m. The technical solutions applied create an innovative project in the field of chimney design.

Heat and Power Plant „Zielona Góra” SA as one of the first in the country uses gas fuel and light fuel oil instead of conventional fuels such as coal. As a result, the furnace waste production is reduced as well as emissions to the enviroment. 

The realization of the project lasted 28 months. Final acceptance protocol was signed 29th June according to the contract. Department of Industry and Energy Katowice Mostostal Warszawa SA was responsible for the project.

Date of signing te contract: 05 March 2010
Completion date: 30 June 2012

  • Investor: Elektrociepłownia „Zielona Góra” SA
  • Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa SA / Comax Sp. z o.o.
  • Contract value: PLN 54,8 mln
  • Implementation period: 2010-2012
  • Country: Poland
  • Voivodeship: lubuskie


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