Acciona Mostostal Warszawa is part of the Acciona Capital Group.
Mission, vision, strategy

Mission and vision

Thanks to the passion and involvement of our employees, we wish to BUILD at the highest quality today, taking care of the environment for future generations.

To be the leader of sustainable development in Poland with unique experience that has been BUILT for 75 years.

We are proudly reaching back to our roots; we value who we are, where we come from and what we have achieved in the course of seven decades thanks to best professionals, the advancement of Polish engineering accomplishments as well as wise leadership, respect for customers and diligent work.

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  • to lead the Capital Group oriented on the development of its network of branches around Poland;
  • to develop its operations in the area of sustainable development, leading to increased profitability and the generation of added value for shareholders;
  • to manage construction risks efficiently;
  • to aim for partner relations with contractors;
  • to develop operations in general, industrial, energy, infrastructural, road and ecological construction markets;
  • to maintain the accident rate at zero level.

Fundamental values


The topic of safety is present every day on construction sites and in other departments of our company, even though we may not always be aware of it.

We construct facilities that are safe during their creation, and we also want them to be secure in terms of warranties and claims, as it affects our financial safety.

However, safety is not just about "Occupational Health and Safety" on the construction site; it also encompasses employment stability and a long-term perspective in collaboration with each of our employees. We BUILD environmental awareness, taking responsibility for the environment in which we live and work, minimizing negative impact:

  • adhering to the highest occupational health and safety standards is one of the pillars of our strategy in the field of human health and life protection,
  • we do not compromise, in everything we do, we have a forward-thinking approach: we are here and now, but through our work, we can and want to BUILD a good quality of life for future generations.


Innovation and safety would be mere slogans without people, employees, a team.

A cohesive team, mutual cooperation, and trust are the foundation of the development of any organization.

We aim to create a friendly workplace at Mostostal, where openness and mutual understanding strengthen collaboration.

  • alongside economic values, we consider ethics, law, respect for employees, investors, subcontractors, society, and the environment important,
  • we respect diversity, building our teams based on different generations, experiences, nationalities, and genders; complementing each other to create a perfect whole,
  • collective action surpasses the sum of individual actions, so we prioritize effective teamwork that allows us to achieve above-average results.


Innovation sets us apart in the market among General Contractors, giving us a position as one of the leaders. Innovative solutions provide us with an advantage.

Being a leader doesn't just mean having the most extensive portfolio of contracts. For us, it means being a pioneer, a change initiator, and an ambassador of innovation, whose footsteps others will  follow. This allows us to be competitive and stand out among General Contractors. Innovation, which we continuously develop, plays a significant role in this aspect.

  • high work standards and the implementation of modern technologies enable us to guarantee the quality our clients expect,
  • we constantly seek new solutions, utilize the latest technologies, refine implementation processes in daily work, and within our Research and Development Department,
  • we nurture and develop Polish engineering thought by sharing knowledge and experience with the market and maintaining close cooperation with research and development units.