Construction of the Niewiadoma storage reservoir in Sabnie

The contract included construction of the Niewiadoma storage reservoir on the Cetynia River with the following parameters:

  • Reservoir surface at the Normal Storage Level - 42.22 hectares,
  • Damming level of the Normal Storage Level - 141.25 meters above sea level,
  • Reservoir capacity at the Normal Storage Level - 1.14 million m3,
  • Average depth of the reservoir - 2.7 m,
  • Maximum depth of the reservoir - 6.85 m,
  • Reservoir shoreline length - 5.9 km,
  • Cubic volume of soil to be extracted from the reservoir basin, a total of 142,300 m3.

The following was made as part of the investment:

  • Frontal dam: length 500 m, max. height 7.85 m, cubic volume of built-in land – 101,500 m3, and crown elevation of 142.25 meters above sea level,
  • Construction of values, monolithic reinforced concrete, damming height of 6.85 m, and total concrete volume - 858 m3
  • a new section of the medium voltage15 kV overhead line outside the flood plain of the reservoir - 1.2 km
  • a new low voltage overhead line to buildings in the village of Kupientyn coming from the existing transformer station No. 0080 ("Niewiadoma 1") - 1.35 km.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund as part of Priority 4: "Environment, risk prevention and energy".

Measure 4.4: "Nature protection, threats, monitoring systems" under the Regional Operational Programme for the Mazowieckie Province 2007-2013.

Date of signing the agreement: 11 August 2010

Date of signing the Final Acceptance Protocol: 13 August 2013


• Investor: Sabnie Commune

• Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa S.A.

• Contract value: PLN 13.0 million

• Implementation period: 2010 – 2013

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