Complex of residential buildings at Rembielińskiego Street in Łódź

Contract value: PLN 65,30 million net
Completion date: until August 18, 2023

On December 23, 2021, Mostostal Warszawa signed a contract with Vantage Development for the construction of a complex of residential buildings at Rembielińskiego Street in Łódź.

The task includes the construction of a complex of multi-family residential buildings marked with a common underground garage and service premises with internal and external technical infrastructure. The scope of works commissioned to Mostostal Warszawa also includes land development and utilities, including a rainwater retention reservoir, small architecture and greenery, accompanying structures, as well as a communication system. The investment is located at ul. R. Rembieliński in Łódź.

Contract details:

- Contract value: PLN 65.30 million net.
- Completion date: August 18, 2023
- Payment deadline: 30 days from the date of receipt of the invoice by the Ordering Party.
- The maximum quality guarantee period for the building structure is 10 years.
- Performance bond: 10% of the net remuneration in the form of a bank or insurance guarantee.

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