New rectorate for Poznań University of Technology

Total surface: 5,966 m2
Contract value: PLN 95.35 million gross
Completion date: Within 36 months from the date of signing the contract

On September 28th, Mostostal Warszawa signed a contract with Poznań University of Technology for the construction of a new university rectorate. The contract is valued at PLN 95.35 million gross.

This investment continues the collaboration between Mostostal Warszawa and Poznań University of Technology. In recent years, the company has constructed buildings for the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Management Engineering at Poznań University of Technology.

The building will be nearly zero-energy, incorporating the principles of sustainable construction. It will be integrated into the existing layout of the "Warta" Campus, situated between the existing buildings of the Faculty of Chemical Technology and the Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Management Engineering.

Building Form and Function

The building will have a usable area of 5,966 square meters and will be constructed on a square plan with a side length of 36.74 meters. It will be a five-story structure, including one underground level and four above-ground levels, in the form of a glass rectangular prism with stone facade pilasters. The vertical divisions of the pilasters will lend a sense of grandeur to the rectorate and emphasize its importance within the context of the entire campus. The glass facade material will highlight the modern character of Poznań University of Technology, while the use of stone will reference its rich history and tradition. The glass will reflect the surroundings, allowing the building to blend into its environment.

The main entrance will be on the north facade, facing J. Rychlewski Street. Two additional entrances are planned on the south side. There is also access to the underground level of the building, which includes parking and technical-technological facilities totaling 1,279 square meters. A pedestrian and vehicular pathway has been designed around the building.

The interior has been designed for comfortable and flexible use. The central point of the building is the main hall. Two staircases, elevators, and technical shafts create a vertical communication core, with sanitary, social, and technical rooms adjacent to it. The surrounding corridor provides easy access to individual rooms.

On the four above-ground levels with a total area of 4,687 square meters, rooms for office work have been arranged, including offices, meeting rooms, and social spaces, in accordance with the university's organizational structure. The top floor of the building will feature two large meeting rooms for representative meetings or conferences for a larger number of participants. The offices of the university authorities will also be located on this level.

Zero-Energy Rectorate

Both the building's form and technical equipment have been designed to meet the criteria for nearly zero-energy consumption. Architectural solutions will ensure the proper compactness of the building and air tightness at a level of q50 = 0.64 ÷ 1.92 m3/h/m2. Thermal insulation with a higher heat transfer coefficient, high-performance glass (0.65 ÷ 0.75 W/(m2·K)), warm installation of the glass facade, and thermal spacers to minimize thermal bridges will be used. The building will be equipped with a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery powered by the intake chamber of the WAWIZ building, which will be modified for this purpose. The building will have eight recuperators. Heating, cooling, and domestic hot water will be provided by three heat pumps connected to a system of heating and cooling beams. They will be supplied by a ground heat source consisting of 12 borehole probes, each 200 meters deep. The project includes the installation of 234 photovoltaic panels on the roof with a total capacity of 97 kWp (individual panel capacity at 415 Wp). A heat distribution system between the campus buildings has also been designed.

Similar solutions were implemented in the WAWIZ building, which, after three years of use, achieved above-average results in terms of energy efficiency. Therefore, it is expected that the new building will achieve similarly impressive results.

Contract Details

Value: PLN 95.35 million gross

Completion Deadline: Within 36 months from the date of signing the contract, including design, construction of the building, and obtaining the final occupancy permit within 24 months. Acceptance tests will be conducted for 12 months.

Payment Terms: 30 days from the date of receipt of a correctly issued invoice by the Ordering Party.

Warranty Period: 60 months from the completion of both stages (construction + tests)

Performance Security: 5% of the total gross price in the form of a bank guarantee.

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