AGH Sports Hall in Kraków

Contract value: PLN 61.87 million
Completion date: up to 21 months

On November 10 Mostostal Warszawa SA and the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków have concluded a contract for the construction of a multifunctional Sports Hall. The gross contract value is PLN 61.87 million.

The newest, five-storey facility, located in the AGH University of Science and Technology, will primarily serve as a sports and entertainment venue. In the hall, there will be simultaneous training sessions for competitive sections and sports games at the level of the 1st league of volleyball, handball and basketball. The building will be equipped, inter alia, with a sports hall with stands for nearly 600 people, including a team game pitch and badminton stands. In addition, the facility will include a gyms, rooms for players' biological regeneration, such as a sauna, massage rooms and squash courts.

Contract details:
Gross contract value: PLN 61.87 million.
Completion date: up to 21 months from the date of delivery of the construction site.
The maximum warranty period is 60 months.
Performance bond: 4% of gross remuneration in the form of a bank or insurance guarantee

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