Vis a vis Wola - stage I

Contract value: PLN 56 796 370,79 gross
Completion date: 92 weeks

Complex Vis a Vis Wola I is erected by the main thoroughfare in the district, Prymasa Tysiąclecia 83 Street. In the scope of the agreement, Mostostal Warszawa realized the first stage of the project that includes construction of two residential buildings with underground garages and recreational courtyard. The modern architectural form of the buildings, various number of storeys and exposed ground floor with service units constitute the most characteristic advantages of the projected residential development at Wola district. Apartments with balconies are situated in the lower building. In the part varying in height (from 1 to 9 aboveground storeys) the apartments are bigger. In total, the buildings provide 213 residential units with a usable floor area of 12 162.6 m2. Both buildings are sharing a green area with pond and recreational space for the residents. Each building is also equipped with an underground garage. Further, rooms to keep strollers and bicycles, storage rooms, technical facilities with transformer station are also on the underground level. Roofs of the complex were designed as flat so they can be used by the residents as terraces. The underground garage is covered with a green roof.

Apart from the construction of residential complex the contract assumes technical infrastructure, including sanitary, electrical and telecommunicational systems with connections (e.g. relocating transformer station to the underground level). As a part of land development, Mostostal Warszawa developed inner roads, playfield, small architecture, fencing (hedge) and outdoor lighting. In addition, the contractor is required to obtain the occupancy permit.  

Task: Construction of two residential multi-family buildings with services and underground garages together with accompanying infrastructure and greenery located at Prymasa Tysiąclecia 83 Street

Contracting Party: Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A. 
Contract value: PLN 56 796 370,79 gross (PLN 52 589 232,21 net)
Term of realisation: 92 weeks
Contract Manager: Piotr Najmark

Technical specification:
Number of aboveground storeys: 1-9
Number of underground storeys: 1
Total area: 30 408,9 m2
Usable floor area: 22 901,77m2
Usable floor area of flats: 12 162,6 m2
Usable floor area of retail space: 999,4 m2
Number of flats: 213
Number of parking places in the underground garage: 221
Number of parking places  on the property: 8

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