The AGH Cyfronet Computer Centre

Cyfronet is one of two construction sites run by Mostostal Warszawa for AGH University of Science and Technology. The second one is the Centre of Energy.

The AGH Cyfronet Computer Centre is one of the largest super-computer and network centres in Poland. The three-storey Machine Room supplements the current infrastructure of the university. The facilities are joined by a connecting building with a length of 16 m at the half-floor level of the existing building.

The value of the investment amounted to approx. PLN 11 million gross.

Characteristic technical parameters:
Cubic volume: 11,030.41 m³ 
Net area: 1,916.70 m²
Height: 14.08 m 
Length: 52.40 m 
Width: 14.43 m 
Surface of development 1,492.14 m² including: 
- designed 762.19 m² 
- existing 729.95 m²

  • Investor: AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa S.A.
  • Contract value: PLN 11 million
  • Implementation period: 2013-2014.
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