AGH Student Construction Center in Kraków

Contract value: PLN 13,66 mln gross
Completion date: up to 12 months

On November 8, Mostostal Warszawa signed a contract with the AGH University of Science and Technology for the construction of the AGH Student Construction Center. Gross contract value: PLN 13.66 million.

The facility will be intended for the AGH Student Research Clubs and will serve as a workshop and modeling facility. Thanks to this investment, students will be able to conduct technical and scientific activities, develop interdisciplinary projects and use the acquired knowledge in practice. The project involves a division into design and construction sections, which will be distributed over two floors of the building. The usable area will be 1,322 m2.

Contract Details:

  • Contract value: PLN 13.66 million gross
  • Completion date: up to 12 months from the date of handing over the Construction Site
  • Warranty period: 60 months, except:
  • roof and facade: 120 months
  • windows and external doors: 60 months
  • structural network installation: 25 years
  • Performance bond: 5% of the offer price (gross price) paid in the form of a bank or insurance guarantee.
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