School and municipial sports hall with infrastructure in Moszczenica

We have built a sports hall with back-up facilities for the Moszczenica Commune. The value of the contract was PLN 13.8 million gross. The Łódź Division was responsible for this project.

Data of the hall: 
- usable area: 1,617.48 m² 
- cubic volume: 15,390 m³ 

Data of the back-up facilities: 
- usable area: 1,749.38 m² 
- cubic volume: 7,580.50 m³

  • Investor:  Moszczenica Commune
  • Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa S.A.
  • Contract value: PLN13.8 million
  • Implementation period: 2010-2013.
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