Construction and installation works in the framework of the task: „Treatment Center with hospital bed facility in Provincial General Hospital in Szczecin”

In the scope of the contract signed 17th June with Provincial General Hospital in Szczecin Wrobis will rebuild building „M” adapting it to the recent needs of the hospital. Four-storey Treatment Center will house hospital wards which currently are dispersed over the hospital building. In one place will be located surgery, transplantation surgery, neurosurgery, cardiosurgery and intensive care unit. Apart from treatment rooms it will accomodate hospital bed facility. The building will be connected with building „B”. The end of contract was forseen for 17th December 2012.

Investor: Samodzielny Publiczny Wojewódzki Szpital Zespolony

Contractor: Wrobis SA

Contract value: PLN 26,31 mln

Implementation period: 2010–2012

Country: Poland

Voivodeship: zachodniopomorskie


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