Reconstruction of a post-industrial complex in Łódź

Contract value: PLN 41,80 mln gross
Completion date: 27 months

On June 1, Mostostal Warszawa concluded a contract with the City of Łódź Office for the reconstruction of 100-year-old Wigencja, a post-industrial complex at Sienkiewicza 75/77 Street. Contract value: PLN 41.80 million gross.

After the reconstruction is completed, the historic buildings of the "Wigencja" factory will become the new seat of the Center for Contemporary Art for Children and Youth, the building will house the new seat of the "Pinocchio" theater. The modernized complex will also be equipped with two modern theater halls, a spacious foyer, creative studios, dressing rooms, educational rooms and a restaurant.

The complex of the revitalized "Wigencja" will also include space for artistic associations. It will house various types of workshops and laboratories. There will be a library and bookstore for the youngest inhabitants of Łódź. There will also be commercial spaces, such as a restaurant, where parents will be able to comfortably wait for their children and eat dinner with them after the classes.

The interiors of "Wigencja" will be a combination of industrial character with modernity. The project provides for the maintenance of a low hall with a shed roof and the construction of new facilities. As part of the investment, there will also be a breakthrough to OFF Piotrkowska. It will be a pedestrian and road route, which will also function as a fire road.

The revitalization project of "Wigencja" envisages not only preserving the existing greenery, but also planting new trees and shrubs. 10 Carnival field clones, 5 "Crimson Sentry" clones, 7 "Pissardii" cherry plums will be planted, and 8 trees growing there will be transplanted in accordance with the greening project. Shrubs (Lilak Meyer) will also be planted, occupying a total area of ​​50 square meters, as well as perennials and grasses on an area of ​​nearly 670 square meters.
The factory complex "Wigencja" by Maurycy Wohlman and Adolf Goldman was built in 1922. It is located on the plot at ul. Sienkiewicza 75/77 and is entered in the register of monuments.

Details of the concluded contract
• Contract value: PLN 41.80 million gross.
• Time limit for completion:
Task 1 - 18 months from the date of concluding the contract,
Task 2 - 9 months from the date of concluding the contract.
• Payment deadline: 30 days from the date of delivery to the Ordering Party of a correctly issued invoice.
• The warranty period for the works performed is 60 months from the signing of the Investment Final Acceptance Protocol.
• Performance bond: 5% of the gross contract value contributed in the form of insurance guarantees.

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