Residential-office complex on Okopowa Street in Warsaw

The property at 56 Okopowa Street in Warsaw consists of an 18-storey apartment block and a smaller building designed for offices and services. The total building area is 37,000 m2 with a cubic volume of 125,000 m3, and the surface of internal roads, parking and sidewalks amounts to approx. 3,500 m2.

The residential part has a net area of approx. 29,000 m2, which consists of three sections of sixteen, seventeen and eighteen storeys above ground, and 259 high standard apartments. The garage has 264 parking spaces and occupies two storeys above ground and two underground.

Above the garage there is an interior courtyard with alleys, low greenery, a children's playground as well as other elements of small architectural forms.

The office part of the building has a net area of approx. 3,000 m2.

The investment was awarded second place in the "Building of the Year 2008" competition organized annually by the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians. The award is a recognition of modern technology, high-quality execution of work, good organization of the construction process, work safety and environmental protection applied during the implementation process.


• Investor: Pirelli Pekao Real Estate

• Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa S.A.

• Contract value: PLN 57.0 million

• Implementation period: 2006 – 2008

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