Complex of outdoor sports ground with didactic and research facilities in the area of Pole Marsowe at the Olympic Stadium in Wrocław

The contract included:

  1. construction of didactic and research facilities with main stand and with essential infrastructure (demolition of existing objects, tree removal, main building, stands, storeroomslocated on the slope below the stands,  terrain features, roads, fencing, greenery). Dimensions of the building: length: 55 m, width: 33 m, height: 12 (except basic sports equipment). 
  2. construction of outdoor sports ground (surface work including use of polyurethan, natural grass, artificial grass, sand, sanitary and electric works) except sports surface

The total are of the facility is 4 167 m2 and cubic volume is 19 480 m3.

Date of signing the agreement: 28 January 2010
Completion date: March 2011

Investor: Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego we Wrocławiu

Contractor: WROBIS SA

Contract value: PLN 17,31 mln

Implementation period: 2010-2011

Country: Poland

Voivodeship: Lower Silesia

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