Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications in Krakow

Contract value: PLN 16.867.437 gross

New AGH facility is to be developed on the frontage of the Czarnowiejska Street in the place of a 19th-century tenement house. It will be a 2 200 sqm building with four storeys which will hold the new headquarters of Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications.

In the scope of the agreement, Mostostal Warszawa will execute the construction of the new headquarters together with landscaping, reconstruction of the rooms on the third floor in the next-door building of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics (to ensure communication path with the staircase of the new building). The entrance will be on the side of the campus. In addition, the construction works include also: external installations such as sanitary sewage system, water network, electrical, teletechnical and heating installations.  

The building will house modern laboratories for developing fast optical networks, digital and virtualization technologies, network security, sensor system and more that will encourage conducting innovative research in the area of information and communications technologies. The facility is scheduled for completion for October 2018. 

Subject of the Agreement: Construction of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Communications headquarters for the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow 
Ordering party: AGHUniversity of Science and Technology in Krakow 
Design: AE FUSION Studio sp. z o.o. 
Contractor: Southern Division of Mostostal Warszawa 
Contract Manager: Artur Sikora 
Construction Manager: Mariusz Rudnik 
Number of storeys:
Cubic volume: 11 590 m
Useful area: 2 228 m
Contract value: PLN 13 713 363,88 zł (net) / 16.867.437 (gross)

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