Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Engineering Management of the Poznań University of Technology

Total surface: 19 931 m2
Contract value: 71 875 790,22 PLN gross
Completion date: 18 months

Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Engineering Management of the Poznan University of Technology is nearly zero-energy building. The Energy drawns from the ground with heat pumps and from the sun through photovoltaic cells. This satisfies 80% of the energy demand required to heat the building in winter and cool it down in the summer. Further, this results also in the better performance of the building than the European Union requires. Starting from 2021 under the EU Directive only buildings with very low energy and power demand are to be erected in the European Union.

The contract, together with the obtaining of a valid use permit, included   collector spacer DN 1000, structure and finish of the facility (structure with heating and cooling ceilings, atrium roof supported on girders with a span of 40 m with a visible supporting structure of the atrium), electrical and low-current installations, tubular ground air heat exchanger, sanitary heating, cooling and manufacturing installations and heat discharge, sources of heat and cold, general and fire mechanical ventilation and photovoltaic installation. All internal installations (ventilation, sanitary, electrical) are surface mounted. The facility has been designed with highly efficient and energy-saving technical equipment, in which the demand for non-renewable primary energy does not exceed 50kWh / m² / year. All installations are linked into one BMS system (building management system), enabling the control of the system and the preview of individual parameters.

The new building of the Poznań University of Technology, for the construction of which Mostostal Warszawa was responsible,   is economical in form. It is distinguished by a characteristic simple body.   Three aboveground storeys of the building were built,   twelve meters high. As intended by the architect Sławomir Rosolski, the   project refers to the proportions of the Parthenon on the Acropolis. One of the characteristic elements of the WAWIZ   building is the atrium, which acts as an internal courtyard. On the same level there are also dean's offices and faculty administrations. The underground storey   is intended for laboratories, a lecture-exhibition hall and a car park.

Subject of the agreement: Nearly zero-energy building of Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Engineering Management of the Poznań University of Technology together with design and obtaining a legally binding permit for use.  

Investor: Politechnika Poznańska
Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa (leader) i Acciona Construcción S.A.(partner)
Term of realisation: 18 months
Contract value: PLN 58 435 601,79 net/ PLN 71 875 790,22 gross

Technical specification:

Usable area: 15 523 m²
Total area: 19 931 m²
Surface of the area: 20 844 m²
Footprint area: 4 907 m²
Cubic volume: 69 931,87 m³
Number of storeys: 4 (one underground)

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