Concert Hall at the Music School in Sosnowiec

The task involved construction of a concert hall for 500 spectators with facilities, technical infrastructure and parking. Construction work was carried out within the existing school and the outside contour of the building, wherein one part of the existing building was demolished and another one was subjected to reconstruction. The newly built complex has an aesthetic value and high acoustic parameters.

New rooms have concert functions (concerts, auditions, music competitions, music programmes, small stage forms) and conference functions for the purpose of training or lectures (music workshops, musical auditions, meetings). In addition to the main auditorium a small hall with 167 seats, sound proofed rooms for practice and a recording studio were built.

Due to spatial divisions, the newly designed facility consists of the following parts:

  • A concert hall located between existing segments A3, C2,
  • A multifunctional, three-level foyer that closes segments A3, C2 and the concert hall from the northern side,
  • The superstructure of segment C2 with one level, where rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, classrooms, a recording studio and a small hall will be located.

The usable area (total net area of new and reconstructed segments) is 4,170 m2.

The net area of the main concert hall (main auditorium, balcony and stage) is 566 m2.

Building area: 2,017.3 m2.

Number of storeys: 4 (including basements with a mezzanine).

  • Investor: Sosnowiec Commune
  • Contractor: Consortium of Mostostal Warszawa S.A., Acciona Infraestrcuturas S.A., PHU "IWA"
  • Contract value: PLN 27.5 million
  • Implementation period: 2011 - 2013
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