Centrum Rekreacyjno-Sportowe in Zduńska Wola

Contract value: PLN 39,04 million

The project aim was to build Centrum Rekreacyjno-Sportowe in Zduńska Wola - indoor swimming pool. The swimming pool is be located at Kobusiewicz street. The facility is designed in a way that it meets the needs related to the practice and promotion of sport, and is be an attractive playground for the youngest residents of the city. In addition to a swimming pool measuring 25x16 m, in central part of the building is placed a recreational trough with many attractions: a wild river, an artificial wave grotto, loungers with massages, horizontal and vertical massage, benches, an air geyser. In a separate part is the pool with dimensions of 6x12.5 m, with movable bottom designed for multifunctional use - swimming lessons for various age groups, rehabilitation activities, workouts, etc.

The works were carried out in a consortium led by Mostostal Warszawa, and with a member - Sanell Sp. z o.o.

Date of signing the contract: 18/08/2018
Contract value: PLN 39.04 million gross
Payment term: up to 30 days from the date of receipt of the invoice
Warranty period is: 60 months
Due performance security: 10% of the contract value

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