Equipment and Transport Base in Urzut

Completion date: do 31.05.2022

A new Mostostal Warszawa Equipment and Transport Base has been established in Urzut near Warsaw. It will replace the previously leased facility at Łopuszańska Street in Warsaw. The entire investment, comprising a comprehensive multi-discipline design and construction, started in October 2021.

The new base is a two-storey building with a total area of almost 3,000 m2. As part of the investment, the Facility was built and a storage yard with full utilities was constructed. The Facility was divided into a social and office part, intended for the employees of the Equipment and Transport Base and the Central Laboratory, a laboratory part and a dual-purpose hall. The social and office part is a two-storey building with a total area of almost 800 m2. The hall includes a refurbishment section to allow minor repairs to equipment in the equipment base and a storage section.

In addition, an accumulation and evaporation tank, a sanitary sewage system with a sewage treatment plant, a rainwater drainage system with drainage, a gas system, parking spaces, a parking and unloading area, a waste collection area, a traffic system and site lighting were built.

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