Area Revitalization of the Center of Łódź - Project 3 - Part 1

The investment included reconstruction, upward and outward extension and change of use of historic buildings located at Tuwima Street 46 in Łódź. Apart from the revitalization, the task included also the development of the area, technical infrastructure and the route out of the city. The existing building, which comprises of frontage building with annex situated along the eastern border of the plot, was redeveloped and overbuilt. The existing ground-floor building at the northern border, as well as smaller utility buildings at the western border, were demolished. In its place was constructed office and service building adapted to the office purposes. Premises on the ground floor from the frontage maintains their service character. Additionally, there is a public library in the internal courtyard, which forms part of the developed northern annex. Thereby, the courtyard has a new cultural function

Subject of the contract: Area Revitalization of the Center of Łódź – Project 3 – J. Tuwima Street including a section between J. Kiliński and Targowa Street together with buildings at Tuwima Street no. 33-35, 46, 52 – Part 1


Ordering Party: City of Łódź – Urban Investment Management Board 
General Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa 
Contract and Site Manager: Mariusz Szymański 
Gross contract value: PLN 28 841 657.60

Technical data:
Number of aboveground storeys: 5
Number of underground storeys: 1

Height: 21,46 m
Area of two plots of land: 1487 m2
Footprint area: 1 209,68 m2 (with elements beyond the outline of ) 
Total area: 6097,67 m2
Usable area: 3298,83 m2
Retail service area: 105,47 m2
Gross building volume: 23 987,83 m3

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