Wawrzyńca 19 Apartments in Cracow

Mostostal Warszawa is currently involved in completing a unique residential project – Wawrzyńca 19 in Cracow's Kazimierz district. A contemporary apartment complex will be erected at the Municipal Power Plant built in 1914. The value of this project is estimated at over PLN 30 million.

 The architectural potential of industrial areas provides an opportunity to apply original solutions and create a facility that combines industrial esthetics with functionality. The apartments under development will feature a diverse structure – from studio-type flats to multi-level apartments and penthouses.

100-year old crane, coal-fired boilers and brick facades

In addition to adapting the interior for residential purposes, the project works also include, without limitation, the renovation of the historic bridge crane located at an old machine room. The crane, including its structural rails, will be part of the facility's commercial area. The Wawrzyńca 19 project completion is scheduled for the beginning of the second quarter of 2017.

General data:
Investor: Haven sp. z o.o.
General contractor: Mostostal Warszawa
Gross value: 30.861.000,00
Contract conclusion date: 12.08.2015
Completion date: 19.04.2017

The project is completed by Mostostal Warszawa Northern Division:
Division manager: Janusz Stanaszek
Contract manager: Artur Sikora
Site manager: Mariusz Rudnik

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