Sports and Entertainment Hall in Jastrzębie Zdrój

Under the contract, reconstruction and modernisation work was conducted on the steel structure of the hall and the two adjoining amenity buildings. The work encompassed brick walls and plastering, roof work, floors, including the main pitch, assembly of window and door joinery, audience stands, installations, light boards and monitoring devices, along with management of the area, including a parking site with 130 parking spaces.

 The central part of the facility is occupied by a pitch and two audience stands under which three above-ground storeys are located with back-up facilities, including training rooms, cloakrooms for competitors and judges, biological regeneration rooms, facilities for medical services, press rooms, a conference room, office and medical premises, along with cloakrooms and toilets for fans.

 A VIP area is situated on a fixed reinforced-concrete stand which accommodates 3,000 seating places, along with areas for fans, guests, the local club and stands for the media.

The investment complies with conditions for the performance of all types of indoor sports, including the requirements of the International Volleyball Federation. The cubic volume of the facility is approx. 62,200 m²; it is 12.8 m high, whereas the size of the pitch is 46 m x 27.2 m.

Date of signing the agreement: 21 December 2009
Date of investment completion: 5 July 2011
Location: Leśna Street

  • Investor: Jastrzębie Zdrój City
  • Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa S.A. / Mostostal Puławy S.A. / Acciona Infraestructuras S.A.
  • Contract value: PLN 32.5 million
  • Implementation period: 2009-2011.
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