Extension and modernization of Blood Donors and Blood Donation pavillion for Regional Blood Donation and Blood Health Care Centre in Wrocław

The works encompassed preparing executive design for the project, performing comprehensive construction works: demolishing, building new 5-storey main pavillion of Blood Donors using prefab blocks (total floor area is 2 500 m2 and cubic volume is 8 900 m3)  and renovation of an ”old tenement house” with reconstruction of connector that links it with a new building.

Investor: Regionalne Centrum Krwiodawstwa i Krwiolecznictwa we Wrocławiu

Contractor: Mostostal Puławy S.A.

Contract value: PLN 15,4 mln

Implementation period: 2005–2006

Country: Poland

Voivodeship: Lower Silesia

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