Revitalisation of the Elbląg Canal

Mostostal Warszawa finished revitalisation of a facility that is unique on a world scale, i.e. the Elbląg Canal. This land and water passage, connecting Elbląg with Iława and Ostróda, was built about a century and a half ago. On Saturday, the 30th of May, sailing started along its entire length.

A Historical Monument, a hydro-technical monument of international rank, one of the seven wonders of Poland, a phenomenon on a world scale: these are just some names of the Elbląg Canal which was commissioned on 29 May by Mostostal Warszawa. The investor of the project was the Regional Water Management Authority in Gdańsk, which entrusted us with the task of Revitalisation of the Elbląg Canal on the section between the Buczyniec Sluice Gate and the Całuny inclined plane. The contract encompassed comprehensive renovation of five historical inclined planes, within the scope of which architectural, construction, hydro-technical, mechanical and technological work was performed.

The Elbląg Canal is an exceptional facility. On account of hydro-technical devices which have been functioning there since 1860, it is considered a world-scale phenomenon. The difference of water levels on the length of 9.6 km changes by over 100 m. Ships overcome the difference of level with the use of water-powered inclined planes.
The investment, implemented by the Northern Division of Mostostal Warszawa, is located in the Warmia and Mazury Province, in the Elbląg Poviat, in the area of communes: Rychliki, Pasłęk and Elbląg. The refurbished sections of the Elbląg Canal between the Buczyniec Sluice Gate and the Całuny inclined plane are located along the Miłomłyn – Lake Drużno sailing route. The investment constitutes the Area of Protected Landscape of the Elbląg Canal, in the vicinity of Lake Drużno Natura 2000 Site and nature reserve Lake Drużno. Pursuant to the regulation of 14 January 2011, the President of the Republic of Poland provided the Elbląg Canal with the status of Historical Monument – it is a hydro-technological monument of international rank.

The investment encompassed all construction industries, starting from earthwork, reinforced concrete, rail, hydro-technical, reinforcement, engineering, electrical, sanitary, road, mechanical and conservation works. As part of the project, the building of Water Supervision was renovated, along with the machinery building and the social buildings and the new building of the Chamber of History of the Elbląg Canal was erected.

Investor: Regional Water Management Authority in Gdańsk 
Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa S.A.
Contract value: PLN 52.0 million
Investment implementation period: 2013 - 2015

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