Nova Królikarnia Housing Estate - stage I

Under the contract, Mostostal Warszawa built thirteen buildings of the new settlement – Nova Królikarnia Housing Estate of a total area of 7,454.12 m2, as follows:

  1. Multi-family building – building A with a usable area 1652.39 m2
  2. Urban villa - building C with a usable area 599.80 m2
  3. Urban villa - building D’ with a usable area 625.33 m2
  4. Urban villa - building E with a usable area 597.28 m2
  5. Urban villa - building D with a usable area 597.10 m2
  6. Multi-family building - building B with a usable area 944.22 m2
  7. Seven three-storey single-family terraced houses with a usable area 2438 m2

The author of the project is design office Kuryłowicz [&] Associates. The buildings was constructed in reinforced concrete, framed, monolithic, slab-column structure with stiffening deep beams.

Investor: Ronson Development Sp. o.o. Town Sp. k.
Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa SA
Implementation dates: 2016-2018
Net contract value: PLN 39,7 
Site Manager: Tomasz Zabrocki 

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