Mennica Residence II

Mennica Residence has almost 45 000 square metres of total area. The cubic volume of the building amounts approximately 140 000 cubic meters. The building is divided into three parts: underground garage, service and residential area. The service area is designated for two lower storeys that can house 21 service units and 5 office rooms in total. On the ground floor is 7 meters tall reception hall. The residential part (floors from 3 up to 15) can house 335 units, from one-room to six-room apartments. The top floors occupies penthouses with terraces and winter gardens. In the underground part is made a three-storey garage with one entrance divided into two unidirectional ramps and technical facilities substantial to the functioning of the building, such as c.o., water connection, hydrophore system, rainwater retention tank, switchboard, etc. In the garage is also located parking places and rooms for motorcycles and bicycles. 

Task: Construction of the multi-family residential building Mennica Residence II with services and underground garage, land development, access roads to the property and supporting infrastructure

Contracting Party: MENNICA POLSKA S.A.

General Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa S.A.

Design: BBGK ARCHITEKCI Sp. z o.o.

Contract Manager: Paweł Półtorak

Construction Manager: Tomasz Żyluk

Contract value: PLN 111 402 339,08 gross (PLN 103 150 313,96 net)


Technical specification:

Number of aboveground storeys: 15

Number of underground storeys: 3

Total area: 44 919,74 m²

- aboveground: 31 052,90 m²

- underground: 13 866,84 m²

Net area: 34 938,53 m²:

- aboveground: 22 757,03 m²

- underground: 12 181,50 m²

Usable floor area of flats: 15 634,71 m²

Usable floor area of service and office units: 3 540,61 m²

Cubic volume: 139 160,99 m³

Number of flats: 335

Number of services units: 21

Number of office units: 5

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