Małopolska Centre for Rheumatology, Immunology and Rehabilitation at the J. Dietl Specialist Hospital at 33 Focha Avenue in Krakow

The investment was financed from the funds of the Province of Małopolska. It encompassed construction work consisting of the extension, reconstruction and partial disassembly of the building, along with internal utility networks: water and sewage, central heating, hot tap water, mechanical ventilation, air-conditioning, electrical, tele-technical, gas, medical gas installations and external connections: water and sewage, gas and electrical as well as construction of exit roads and an internal road with parking spaces.

The range of disassembly work encompassed:
• demolition and disassembly of the external lift shaft;
• demolition and disassembly of partition walls and structural walls in the existing building;
• demolition and disassembly of structural walls and a part of the roof during the reconstruction of the existing staircase and construction of a new internal lift shaft;
• securing adjoining properties as part of the performance of construction work related to the disassembly and demolition.

The construction work consisted in rebuilding of the existing building and assigning it to:
• garage and technical facilities on the ground floor level;
• physical therapy, a diagnostic imaging facility with a fixed X-ray device and magnetic resonance, cloakrooms for personnel and patients, technical facilities, a dirty linen storage room, medical waste storage combined directly with a cargo lift with an operating theatre on the low ground floor;
• outpatient clinic with doctors’ offices, an admission room for patients admitted to the hospital, day rehabilitation ward with a rest room after procedures, physical therapy, kriotherapy on the ground floor;
• 2 wards with 27 beds each and back-up facilities on the 1st floor; 
• 1 ward with 17 beds and a post-operative room with four positions, an operating unit with two operating theatres on the 2nd floor.

General characteristics of the building:
• development area of the existing building: 911.95 m2, 
• development area of the planned building: 948.35 m2, 
• total surface area: 1,860.30 m2, 
• usable area: 6,897.36 m2, 
• cubic volume: 31,210 m3, 
• height: 14.45 m.

Date of signing the contract: 13th of August 2010
Date of commissioning the investment: 30th of October 2012

  • Investor:  J. Dietl Specialist Hospital in Kraków
  • Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa S.A.
  • Contract value: PLN 20.6 million
  • Implementation period: 2010-2012


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