Fuel and lubricants warehouse MPS-1 in Powidz

On behalf of Mostostal Warszawa project will execute Western Division, Industry and Environment Protection. The scope of work under the agreement encompasses primarily construction and assembly work of the buildings that will form part of the MPS-1 facility along with delivery of fuel system components indicated by the Employer. Besides, the consortium will be responsible for organising investment area, including tree cuttings and new plantings to compensate for tree losses, disassembly of the existing infrastructure in the warehouse complex in Powidz. The consortium is also obliged to provide associated services in order to deliver fully-operating facility.

Subject of the agreement: Construction and modernisation of lubricants and fuels warehouse in Powidz (MPS-1 facility)

Employer: State Treasury – Ministry of National Defence represented by the NATO Defence Investment Division (ZIOTP)

Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa (leader), Mostostal Płock (partner)

Contract value: PLN 33 199 953,26 gross


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