Extension of Specialist Municipial Hospital in Krakow

The extension works at the Gabriel Narutowicz Specialist Municipal Hospital in Kraków will be executed to allow the establishment of the Centre of Diagnostics, Treatment and Prevention of Digestive and Endocrinal Disorders. Thanks to the implementation of this project the hospital will gain a modern complex of surgery units, consisting of others in six operating theatres. This will allow the hospital to assure its patients access to a bigger number of services, and concurrently improve the health safety of the population along with the working comfort of the medical staff.

The major part of works to be implemented by Mostostal Warszawa will be primarily in the southern part of the hospital building. The contract comprises reconstruction of premises on floor five in the existing south-eastern and central wing, extension of the fifth floor of the southern wing by an external corridor, construction of superstructure of the south-western fragment of the fifth floor, construction of premises of the machine room on 6th floor, construction of cargo elevators and personal lift. What is more, over the 5th floor the flat roof will be replaced in a part of the southern wing” – said Janusz Stanaszek, Director of the Southern Division of Mostostal Warszawa.

Subject of contract: Execution of superstructure and extension of the main building of the Gabriel Narutowicz Specialist Municipal Hospital in Kraków

Investor: Gabriel Narutowicz Municipal Hospital in Kraków 
General Contractor: Oddział Południowy Mostostal Warszawa
Total floor area of premises: 1 883,84 sq. m
Cubic volume: 7 504.75 cu. m
Gross contract value: PLN 23 363 848.27 
Contract Manager: Paweł Stefanik

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