Sports and Recreation Centre in Ustroń Morski

The contract included construction of two indoor swimming pools and an open-air swimming pool with a service pavillion. There is a space for sports and recreation, sauna and wellness complex in the indoor swimming pool.  The open-air swimming pool contains a service pavillion, entrance hall,  dressing rooms, bathrooms, buffet and multifuncional pool which covers 600 m2 of surface and a grass beach. Moreover, the contract included construction of two tennis courts and beach volleyball court.

Total surface of the buildings:  3454 m2
Cubic volume: 15519 m3

The contract for the project was signed 25th June 2009.

Investor: Gmina Ustronie Morskie

Contractor: Wrobis S.A.

Contract value: PLN 18,98 mln

Implementation period: 2009–2011

Country: Poland

Voivodeship: zachodniopomorskie

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