Center of Energy at University of Science and Technology in Kraków

In accordance with the agreement Mostostal Warszawa built the first stage of the Center of Energy, ie. both research/commercial (C5) and educational/research part of the facility (C6). The first building C5 has nine storeys and is 32 m high building C5 and the second, building C6 has seven storeys and is 25 m high. The facility C5 is fitted with research laboratories, offices and retail space for rent. In the building C6 are located teaching laboratories. The center is also equipped with underground garage. In total, users have 178 parking spaces available - 165 underground and 13 above ground spaces.

Center of Energy AGH is one of the most modern and the largest energy research centres in Poland. Specialized laboratories located in this facility will serve the development of commercial and basic research. One of the priorities is research in the field of clean coal technologies, which the university conducts and coordinates within the European Node of Knowledge and Innovation.

The center comprises of a didactic and research seven-storey building where laboratories, lecture rooms and research rooms for doctoral students are located and nine-storey research and commercial part aimed at developing innovative energy technologies and cooperation between the university and companies. In total, it includes 38 specialised laboratories, e.g. for quality of electric energy, energy storage batteries and fuel cells or nuclear high-temperature cogeneration.

The facility is located in the city centre at Czarnowiejska St. at the AGH-UST University of Kraków. There is no such didactic and research energy centre active on a wide scale in Poland. The value of the work amounted to PLN 101,94 mln gross.  

Technical  information:

Gross covered area: 2 461,59 m2
Total area: 18 126,69 m2
Net area: 15 506,58 m2
Usable area: 11 118,50 m2
General public area : 4 187,70 m2
Gross cubic volume: 68 235,66 m3

Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa SA oraz Przedsiębiorstwo Wdrożeniowe NTB Sp. z. o.o.
Term of realisation: 2013-2015 
Gross contract value:PLN101,94 mln

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