140 MWt gas water boiler at the Tauron plant in Katowice

Contract value: PLN 109,47 mln gross
Completion date: 20.12.2023

The subject of the contract is the construction from scratch, in the "turnkey" formula, of a facility constituting a new, complete gas boiler with a rated power of 140 MWt and a fuel capacity of approx. 150.5 MWt, made in water-pipe technology, along with the necessary buildings, structures, construction equipment, installations and auxiliary devices, located in the production plant in Katowice.

Boiler parameters
Net power: 140 MW
Fuel: natural gas
Efficiency: 95%
Working pressure: 15 bar (g)
Water inlet temperature: 60 ° C
Water outlet temperature: 110 ° C

Contract details
Contract value: PLN 109.47 million gross
Completion date: 20/12/2023
The maximum warranty period is 60 months
Performance bond: 10% of remuneration in the form of a bank guarantee.

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