Reconstruction of the PKP Intercity locomotive depot area in Wrocław

Contract value: PLN 5.4 million net
Completion date: 2024

The contract for the reconstruction of the locomotive depot area was signed on December 29, 2023.

The scope of contract works in the locomotive depot area includes:

  • demolition of 3 warehouse buildings
  • reconstruction of the existing internal road over a length of approximately 375 meters, width of 5 meters
  • construction of rainwater drainage
  • construction of a maneuvering yard with dimensions of 18m x 31m
  • construction of a loading-unloading area with dimensions of approximately 38m x 36m
  • construction of an area of approximately 40 square meters
  • construction of a parking lot for 21 parking spaces
  • reconstruction of external hydrants to underground ones
  • construction of lighting installation consisting of 21 lighting masts.

The completion deadline for the investment is 8 months from the date of signing the contract.


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