Ring road of Strzyżów in the Podkarpackie region

The Strzyżów ring road will be a part of the regional road no. 988 running through the built-up and not built up area as well as agricultural terrains. It is designed to redirect the transit traffic outside the city and improve communication on the section Babica – Twierdza. It will be over a six-kilometre-long roadway, class G, with two lanes, each 3.5 m wide.

The agreement involves construction of both one-level (roundabouts, uncontrolled and channelized intersections) and two-level (e.g. designed as fly-overs), intersections with roads and railways. Locally, will be executed left-turn, acceleration and deceleration lanes. In total, it is assumed that 25 engineering structures will be built, included: 5 bridges (3 on the Wisłok river, one on the Stobnica river and one on the Różanka stream), road fly-overs and culverts.

The project assumes also:

  • construction of access roads (service roads),
  • protection from landslides
  • construction of pavements near the intersections and bus bays and reconstruction of the existing ones,  
  • construction of bus bays,
  • lighting of the roundabouts and two-level intersections, 
  • building environmental protection devices, such like: noise barriers, animal crossings, rainwater and snowmelt purification system, isolating/protective greenery (depending on the indications from the environmental decision)  
  • construction of road drainage system,
  • construction/reconstruction or protection of all the external infrastructure elements in the investment area,  
  • road markings and technical equipment for road safety.

The Strzyżów ring road is to be completed until the end of October 2019. 

The subject of the agreement: Construction of the Strzyżów ring road within the regional road no. 988   

Date of signature: 17.01.2017

Investor: Województwo Podkarpackie – Podkarpacki Zarząd Dróg Wojewódzkich

General contractor:  consortium of Mostostal Warszawa (leader) - Mostostal Kielce (partner)

Length: 6.24 km

Class: G

Number of lanes: 2

Width of a singular lane: 3.5 m

Number of engineering structures: 25

Gross contract value: PLN 98 077 960.70  

Region: Podkarpackie voivodeship

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