Reconstruction of municipiality roads no. 106116L and no. 106115L in Świdnik Duży on the section from km 0+062,00 to km 1+839,49

Implementation period: 10-11-2010 2011-07-30

  1. Road sector: Strenghtening and widening of the existing roadway section of 1,78 km long, construction of the pavement and slip roads.
  2. Energy sector. Road lighting and reconstruction of electricity networks to avoid collisions
  3. Teletechnical network
  • Investor: Gmina Wólka
  • Contractor: Mostostal WArszawa SA
  • Contract value: PLN 2,4 mln zł
  • Implementation period: 2010–2011
  • Country: Poland
  • Voivodeship: lubelskie
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