Composite bridge in Nowa Wieś

The bridge in Nowa Wieś is situated in close vicinity to the local airport Rzeszów-Jasionka in the territory of Trzebownisko municipality. This is the second bridge of this type created by Mostostal Warszawa. Girders and bridge deck are made of FRP composite – fiber reinforced polymer matrix. Using that lightweight and resistant material to produce all the structural elements allowed to achieve the total prefabrication of the construction and consequently, the assembly of the load-bearing structure was done at a record pace (it took only one day).

All bridge elements were manufactured in Warsaw in company’s composite workshop. For its construction were used glass fibers, epoxy resin, and expanded plastics. Four thin-wall girders measuring 72 cm were joined with deck thickness 13 cm. The bridge in Nowa Wieś was designed for vehicles with the maximum mass of below 3 tons. The span (10 m long and approx. 8 m wide) was transported on-site in two main parts for assembly. Using FRP composite in the process of construction ensured at least 50-year-period of exploitation and minimum maintenance costs.    

The bridge in Nowa Wieś was developed in the scope of the project Com-bridge – Innovative road bridge made of FRP composite co-financed from the funds of NCBR as a part of pilot programme DEMONSTRATOR+:  Supporting scientific research and development works in demonstration scale.

Technical and geometrical parameters of the bridge:

  • Slab-and-beam structure
  • Type of beam: simply supported  
  • Span length: 10,00 m
  • Total length of the bridge: 10,70 m
  • Total width of the bridge: 7,66 m
  • Width of carriageway: 5,00 m (2×2,50 m)
  • Pavement: 0,75÷1,10 m 
  • Load class: C according to the PN-85/S-10030
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