Melamine Plant III in Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A. in Puławy

Execution and montage of 1 900 tonnes of steel construction, montage of 132 units of technological apparatus with total load of 1000 tonnes, execution and montage of 25 000 running meters of process piping, 17 000 running meters of heat pipes and 107 pumps and devices, execution and montage of 6 storage tanks made of acid-resistant steel with capacity from 60 to 320 meach. Thanks to the mealmine plant, Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy" S.A. have become one of the biggest world producer of melamine with annual production capacity of 92 000 tonnes.

  • Investor: Zakłady Azotowe
  • Contractor: Mostostal Puławy S.A.
  • Contract value: PLN 40 mln
  • Implementation period: 2002–2004
  • Country: Poland
  • Voivodeship: lubelskie
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