Acciona Mostostal Warszawa is part of the Acciona Capital Group.

Sustainability education

Mostostal Warszawa believes that the sustainable development is vital to the better world and better future. For this reason, the company is organising volunteering which seeks to involve employees, promote environmental protection values as well as is aimed at the schoolchildren to make them better understand risks resulting from climate change. After all, What youth is used to, age remembers…

Wolontariat Day - our focus

Wolontariat Day is an initiative organised in the belief that education plays a major role in the growth of young generation. It refers to the annual Earth Day celebrated in June. The action is aimed at pupils to raise their awareness of the active role they can play in pursuing sustainable world and disseminating the values of sustainable development among company’s employees.

In the framework of this project, for one day volunteers become teachers and give educational workshops in primary schools according to the specially designed lesson plan. The workshops are held on the basis of original programme and materials. Volunteers can choose a didactic facility where they are going to teach sustainability. The target group includes schoolchildren aged from 6 to 10 years. Volunteers put a special emphasis on the natural environment during two-hour classes. The workshops cover such environmental matters as e.g. energy saving, efficient water management, overpopulation, climate change and even gender equality. Interactive games and activities are designed to imbue sustainability to the pupils and to make them better understand risks arising from the irresponsible behaviour.

The action was enlisted in the 15th edition of the FOB’s report: Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices.

Worldwide activity

The initiative known as Acciona's Volunteer Day is gaining more recognition each year over the world among employees working in the companies within Acciona Group. So far, 2.600 volunteers have been engaged with this project. In addition, over 50 000 children from primary schools participated in sustainability workshops!


Wolontariat Day 2017

In the framework of the Wolontariat Day, volunteers gave ecological workshops in primary schools according to the specially designed lesson plan. They used original didactic materials, including the additional application with videos and quizzes as well as a specially prepared program of activities. The workshops were aimed at children to engage them in the planet’s sustainability and help them understand four of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations. Children were actively participating in the workshops and enjoyed doing all the tasks prepared. Eleven Mostostal Warszawa’s volunteers visited 14 groups and provided training to approximately 420 schoolchildren. The workshops were held upon the calling of four superheroes protecting the planet Earth: Water, Energy, Zero and Climate (Guardians of the Earth). The theme of the heroic characters with superpowers was introduced in order to explain easily a large number of concepts related to the sustainability.

In 2017, volunteers provided training to approximately 14,000 children at schools in 15 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and the United States.

Wolontariat Day 2016

Everyone can become a superhero. Everyone can contribute to the sustainable development by day-to-day gestures. Encouraged by this ideas we decided that it is best to start with youngest students. In order to develop a better understanding of risks arising from hazardous attitudes, lack of sensitiveness to the sustainable welfare of the planet, we sent a group of volunteers to schools with a mission to teach sustainability to the students aged from 6 to 10 years. The main subject of the workshops included many environmental issues such as renewable energies, change of climate, recycling, pollution, water quality. Volunteers explained, asked questions, and encouraged the children to think. The action was well received by the pupils and teachers. The serious topics were presented in a fun and attractive way adjusted to the age of the groups. We ensured that schoolchildren didn’t get bored. It was colourful, vivid experience. Interactive games and cartoon pictures were a great choice. Furthermore, the enthusiasm of volunteers attracted children’s interest.

It was a countrywide action. Volunteering attained employees from all divisions. The management staff was also involved. Volunteers received a short video, guide with tips and plan of activities, the pac-man sheet, t-shirts branded with the logo of the action and a keepsake for children. In total, we visited ten schools. More than 350 pupils from four cities benefited from the workshops.