Acciona Mostostal Warszawa is part of the Acciona Capital Group.

Social commitment

Mostostal Warszawa, having 75-year-long experience on the construction market, initiated many projects aimed at developing engineering thought and imparting knowledge. To achieve this goal, the company also cooperates with science and research facilities around the world and universities in Poland. Our social objective is, among others, to support new technologies, implement innovations in the construction sector and improve the level of education by providing the students with practical grounding and finally to support particular initiatives at the universities.

Mostostal Warszawa seeks to involve company’s employees in the pursuit of sustainable development. Non-business interests of the company have always been focused on the science and education. Social commitment of Mostostal Warszawa covers tree levels of activities. We are convinced that education paves the way to the changes. Therefore, the company develops integrated actions in the following areas:

World of Science – Research and Development

Mostostal Warszawa develops pilot innovative scientific projects which have a substantial impact on improving construction standards and allow the company to implement innovation to the market. These activities engage Polish and foreign research facilities and technology universities.


Investing in young talent – Academic Education

We are aware that skills and experience of our colleagues – engineers with many year experiences gained at technologically advanced projects is one of the greatest advantages to our company, and to the future engineers. We are constantly cooperating with universities, organising open lectures and cyclic meetings with students at the building sites. Investment in development and academic education includes company’s training programme which key point of leverage relies on learning through experience.


Together for Nature – Sustainability Education

Mostostal Warszawa provides sustainability workshops in primary schools as a part of the action Wolonatariat Day. It is company’s way to develop scientific and didactic activities in the primary schools. Sustainability classes that give company’s employees are aimed at raising awareness of schoolchildren in a number of sustainability matters.


Joining forces with the Foundation - Education of Small Engineer

Combining educational priorities with charity action Mostostal Warszawa established a cooperation with the Foundation for Development of Education of the Small Engineer. Support for a non-profit organization which similarly to Mostostal Warszawa values education and contributes to equal opportunities for development of children increases company’s involvement in prosocial activities.


We care about diversity

People are the foundation of our daily work. We respect diversity, we build our teams on the basis of different generations, different experiences, different nationalities and sexes; by complementing each other, we create an ideal whole.