Acciona Mostostal Warszawa is part of the Acciona Capital Group.


We build the future - this is the motto of Mostostal Warszawa, and the future of the construction industry in the 21st century is related to the broadly understood digitization. For the General Contractor, digitization means more efficient and cheaper management of the construction process. For this reason, the Digital Transformation Department operates in the structures of Mostostal Warszawa, whose task is to implement digital platforms and BIM* tools on our construction sites, but also to support and increase digital competences among our company's employees.

* BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a technology based on digital data used in construction, in all phases of the investment life cycle (planning, design, implementation and operation). In BIM technology, the main source of information is a 3D model, in which the elements are virtual replicas of real elements with an information zone about their physical and functional characteristics (element properties).

Data - gold of XXI century

Access to digital information has a huge impact on the efficiency of employees and the entire construction process. Digital platforms allow for instant communication and data exchange between participants of the investment process, both at the global level: Investor - Designer - General Contractor, and at the local: Architect - Constructor - Industry designers.

The design process itself is different than before. Each industry creates BIM (3D + information) models that are used for cross-industry coordination in order to avoid collisions and inconsistencies at an early stage of the design.

Digital models are already used at the offer stage. The Tender Departments create BIM models, from which Mostostal employees then extract information such as: ceiling volumes, wall surfaces or the number of windows or doors. In addition to the models of the cubature object itself, we create terrain models that facilitate the calculation of earth massifs. Using the digital representation of the project, we can perform various types of analyzes and plan the construction site.

At the last stage of the offer, the models are used to prepare the visualization of the investment and virtual walks.

During the Implementation, our Construction sites use documentation management platforms - where everyone has access to the latest documentation, as well as platforms supporting the registration of defects and acceptance. Not only the Construction Staff uses these solutions, but also our subcontractors. Thanks to this, we control the quality of our construction works even better.

The effectiveness of digital technologies is also noticed by Investors, who more and more often introduce provisions regarding the use of BIM in their contracts.

We promote digital solutions

Mostostal Warszawa engages in activities supporting the development of innovation in Poland. The company is one of the initiators of the Polish buildingSMART branch. It is an independent, international non-profit organization that sets the directions for the progress of digitization in construction through the development of open, international standards for information exchange. Its purpose is to build the foundations for the functioning of an organization associating entities on the construction market, integrating activities related to BIM technology at the national and international level.

We share knowledge and experience in the field of digitization not only within the Company. Our specialists regularly conduct BIM training for employees to make them aware of the benefits of using this technology. We are also present at industry conferences and lectures for future engineers, where we share our knowledge and insights on the process of implementing new technologies in the construction environment and present the progress that has been achieved thanks to BIM.