Modernisation of road connection Pieniński Park Narodowy - Modernisation of road K1638 Krośnica-Sromowce Niżne along with road safety elements and markings of road no. K1638 Krośnica-Sromowce Niżne and road no. K1679 Wygon-Niedzica

The realization of the contract includes modernisation of the road Krośnica – Sromowce Niżne from junction at Wygodnie to the footbridge in Sromowce Niżne. At a distance of 6,5 km we will rebuilt junction, perform water and sanitation works, lay new surface and pavement and create new parking spaces. Next, at this and at almost 2 km of road Wygon – Niedzica we will build elements of road safety along with vertical road signs.

The project is coofinanced from the european funds, from the European Regional Development Fund  under the Operational Programme of Cross-border Cooperation between the Republic of Poland and the Slovak Republic 2003-2007 and Nowotarski County.

Completion date: 15 October 2012
Date of signing the agreement: 12 October 2011

The detailed scope of works:

- securing the site, placing the temporary traffic signs during the construction period,    
- securing underground network of land utilities with protectin tubes 
- reconstruction of rainwater sewage system including: new rainfall water collector, new inspection chambers, new sewer manholes with street drains and connections, reconstruction and renovation of culverts under road
- reconstruction of sanitary systems: new manhole o425, reconstruction of existing connection, 
- reconstruction of parking spaces in Sromowce Niżne   
- laying curbs, sewer made of concrete paving stones, concrete footway edging, sewer made of prefabricate concrete components, hardening parts of roadside with cobblestone, 
- milling of the bituminous and concrete local surfaces  
- elements of road foundations for designed surfaces of streets, parkings, pavements, 
- laying surface of asphalt concrete on the road and parkings and of concrete cobblestones on pavements, 
- strenghtening exposed rocky slopes using shotcreting and buttresses made of broken stone mixed with cement sand mortar 
- assembly of steel safety barriers, 
- strenghtening the road surface using geonet, 
- horizontal and vertical road markings/traffic signs

Investor: Powiatowy Zarząd Dróg w Nowym Targu

Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa

Contract value: PLN 5,47 mln

Implementation period: 2011-2012

Country: Poland

Voivodeship: małopolskie

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