Construction of Droga Zielona (Green Road) on a section from Niepodległości Ave. / Grunwaldzka Street to the crossing of Gospody Street and Łokietka Street with the Gospody roundabout and a section of Łokietka Street with a pedestrian tunnel.

Construction of Droga Zielona was a stage of a larger investment under the name “Extension of the Traffic System of the Tri-City with Traffic Layout for the Multifunctional Sports and Entertainment Hall (partnership project with Sopot).” The contract between Mostostal Warszawa and Dyrekcja Rozbudowy Miasta Gdańska was concluded on 21 February 2011. Its value is PLN 62.2 million gross.  
Within the scope of the contract, our company performed the following work: 

  • construction of 3 tunnels in the confined area of the Polish Railways with the length of 21 m and the total width of 27 m via the ramming method under the railway embankment; 
  • construction of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge with a steel structure and length of 28 m; 
  • construction of the crossing of Niepodległości Ave.- Grunwaldzka Street - Droga Zielona - Czyżewskiego Street (four-exit system with an oval central island);
  • construction of a two-lane section of Droga Zielona along with a pedestrian and bicycle section from the side of Sopot.

The contract was conducted by the Northern Region, Infrastructure Division of Mostostal Warszawa.

Date of commissioning the investment: December 2012

  • Investor: Dyrekcja Rozbudowy Miasta Gdańska
  • Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa
  • Contract value: PLN 62.2 million
  • Period of implementation: 2011 - 2012
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