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Work in progress on three contracts in Wrocław

01 March 2022

Mostostal Warszawa is currently carrying out three investments in Wrocław. We present how the work on each of them is going.

- Mostostal Warszawa has marked its presence in Lower Silesia. We are running three projects simultaneously; two of them will ensure the development of railway infrastructure in Wrocław, and the third will expand the office and hotel offer. Each investment is carried out by a team of experienced engineers, so I can assure you that despite the different scope of tasks, all construction projects are carried out at a high level of implementation and in accordance with the schedule - says Piotr Budziński, Director of the Contract Group.

PKP Intercity car wash

Works related to the execution of the construction design have been completed, The acceptance procedure is currently underway on the part of the Ordering Party. The necessary administrative decisions necessary to submit an application for a building permit were also obtained. The planned construction site has already been taken care of thanks to the development of temporary regulations for the operation of trains on active route tracks, along with the introduction of a permanent limitation of train traffic to 60 km/h for the entire duration of the works. Click to read more about the investment.

Projekt myjni PKP Intercity we Wrocławiu

Depot hall at Wrocław Główny railway station

The first stage of the investment has been completed, consisting in the modification of the roof drainage. The assembly of prefabricated ducts, sewage systems, backfills and concrete floors were also completed. Works related to the assembly of the track and works related to the implementation of electrical and ventilation installations in the channels are nearing the end. Intensive work is also underway related to the implementation of resin coatings on the floors and the assembly of platform gratings in the channels. Click to read more about the investment.

Przebudowa hali lokomotywowni na dworcu Wrocław Główny

Hotel and office building in Wrocław

The construction of the underground part of the office and hotel building is under construction. As part of the office building, the foundation slab, the wall of floor -2 and the ceiling of floor -1 have already been completed. Carpentry and reinforcement works on level -1 are continued. Reinforcement works within the foundation slab are currently underway in the hotel building.Click to read more about the investment.

Budowa budynku biurowo-hotelowego we Wrocławiu

Photos: MW.