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"Wigencja" in Łódź is taking a new shape

18 January 2022

Mostostal Warszawa brings the 100-year-old "Wigencja" back to life. Works on the revitalization of the former factory in Łódź are progressing according to schedule.

The factory complex "Wigencja" by Maurycy Wohlman and Adolf Goldman was built in 1922. It is located at Sienkiewicza 75/77 Street and is entered in the register of monuments. Currently, works are underway related to the finishing of the historic building of the former weaving mill, the assembly of the glass structure of the external steel elevator shafts and the renovation of the historic brick façade. In the building of the former Spinning House, which will house a large theater hall, construction works are carried out on a reinforced concrete building incorporated into the existing building. Preparations for the development of the area of the pedestrianized road leading from Roosevelt Street to the plot with post-factory buildings.

- Almost 80 people work on the construction site, including subcontractors. Everyone is motivated to complete this task on time. When revitalizing a post-factory complex, we must remember, among others about the preservation of the historical form of the facility, which fits in with the image of the city center. At the same time, the revitalized building must meet the necessary standards for use, adapted to the current realities. It is a demanding investment, but with the experience and determination of our team, we will complete it according to the schedule and with the highest quality of implementation - says Tomasz Cichocki, Contract Manager.

After the reconstruction is completed, the historic buildings of "Wigencja" will become the new seat of the Center for Contemporary Art for Children and Youth and the "Pinocchio" theater. The modernized complex will also be equipped with two modern theater halls, a spacious foyer, creative studios, dressing rooms, educational rooms and a restaurant. The project provides for the maintenance of a low hall with a shed roof and the construction of new facilities. As part of the investment, a pedestrian and driving route will also be built, which will also be a route to OFF Piotrkowska. The existing greenery will be preserved, new trees and shrubs will be planted, which will occupy a total area of 50 m2, as well as perennials and grasses on an area of nearly 670 m2. Click to read more about the investment.

Photo: MW.