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Mostostal Warszawa - a leader in passive construction

08 November 2023

We constantly take steps to reduce impact on the natural environment. One example of our determination is the investments we have made in passive construction.

At Mostostal Warszawa, we are undergoing dynamic transformations, just as the market's needs evolve dynamically. Today, our goal is to realize modern and environmentally friendly facilities. We aim to be a company that sets an example and establishes standards on the path of Poland's energy transformation. We constantly adapt our resources and technology. As a result, we can already be proud of the projects we have completed in the field of passive construction.

West Pomeranian Voivodeship Marshal's Office in Szczecin

Urząd Marszałkowski w Szczecinie

One of the projects carried out by Mostostal Warszawa is the West Pomeranian Marshal's Office, which is the only regional government headquarters in Poland built as a passive construction. Through the utilization of various innovative solutions, the building exhibits an extremely low energy demand. This is confirmed by the BREEAM certificates awarded to the Marshal's Office buildings.

The facility is equipped with a Building Management System (BMS), aimed at efficient energy management, facility administration, and control of all building systems while ensuring high-quality air, thermal comfort, and proper lighting.

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Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Management Engineering at the Poznań University of Technology

Wydział Architektury i Zarządzania Poznań

Another example is the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Management Engineering at the Poznań University of Technology. This is an "almost zero-energy" facility, meaning that energy is sourced from the ground using heat pumps and from the sun through photovoltaic cells. This allows the building to obtain 80% of the energy required for heating in winter and cooling in summer. As a result, the building's parameters are significantly better than the European Union's requirements. According to the EU directive, from 2021, only buildings with very low energy demand and supply should be constructed within the European Union.

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We are making fundamental changes

- Over the past few months, we have successfully implemented a series of actions to reduce our impact on the natural environment. These actions are an important aspect of our strategy in the Polish energy transformation journey - says Jacek Szymanek, a Member of the Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa.

We are implementing these actions in line with the strategy adopted by our partner and main shareholder, Acciona, which has decided to support us in carrying out some of these tasks. At this moment, we are proud that:

  • all vehicles and machinery we use meet strict emission standards,
  • we are replacing conventional vehicles with electric ones, benefiting from subsidies, such as those offered by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW),
  • we use a photovoltaic farm located near our Equipment and Transport Base in Urzut near Warsaw,
  • we have introduced new features on our intranet to limit the use of conventional vehicles on the roads,
  • we have minimized our use of courier services to reduce duplicated traffic and carbon emissions,
  • we practice waste segregation and use returnable bottles,
  • we reduce energy, water, and paper consumption.

(1)&(2): West Pomeranian Marshal's Office in Szczecin, (3): Faculty of Architecture and Management Engineering at the Poznań University of Technology, photog. MW.