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Zero-energy constructions of Mostostal Warszawa at the "4Bulidings" Conference

25 November 2019

15-17 November 2019 "4Bulidings" Conference was held in Katowice. During one of the sessions of the conference, Juliusz Żach, Head of Research and Development Department at Mostostal Warszawa presented the company's achievements in area of zero and low-energy construction.

"4Bulidings" Conference is dedicated to sustainable construction, as well as innovative technologies and renewable energy. This year's edition of conference was attended by over 2,000 professionals and 2,500 enthusiasts of ecological construction.

Juliusz Żach took part in the session entitled "Zero energy - does it pay off?". He presented the achievements of Mostostal Warszawa in the zero and low energy construction segment, such as (A) Hall of the Central Sports Institution in Zakopane (the building was made in passive construction technology and obtained the certificate of the Małopolska Energy-Efficient Building Center at the Cracow University of Technology. The hall is heated by solar installation and heat extracted from the ground); (B) building of the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Engineering of the Poznań University of Technology (demand for non-renewable primary energy [lt]50 kWh/ m²/year, among others due to ground heat exchangers, heating and cooling ceilings and heat pumps); (C) the construction of the new Marshal's Office of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, which is currently underway (the investment was designed as a passive office building. The facility is covered by BREEAM certificate and the construction will be carried out with the support of BIM technology).

- The cooperation of the general contractor with designers is essential to create a structure that meets functional requirements and offers good energy performance while maintaining reasonable construction costs - says Juliusz Żach. - Our engineers, during construction of the building of the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Engineering of the Poznan University of Technology, were combining expert knowledge using specialized TRNSYS software, optimized the costs of building external partitions while ensuring minimization of heat losses.

- Thanks to many years of experience in research and development, Mostostal Warszawa has the opportunity to implement zero and low energy investments. These investments are important in a social sense, because they help to reduce the building's impact on the environment - says Jacek Szymanek, Member of the Board of Mostostal Warszawa. - Mostostal Warszawa is a leader of innovative construction in Poland. Patterns that we can derive from our strategic investor, the Acciona Group, are our great value.

The organizer of the "4Bulidings" Conference is the PTWP Group.

In the photo (from the left): Adam Sierak, Journalist of and Juliusz Żach, Head of Research and Development Department at Mostostal Warszawa, during the "4Bulidings" Conference, November 15, 2019, Katowice. Photo by PTWP.