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We have completed an important stage in the construction of storage tanks for PERN

04 May 2022

We have completed the complicated process of installing roofs on seven tanks that we are building at PERN fuel depots in Nowa Wieś Wielka, Dębogórze and Koluszki.

The installation of the tank roof is often the biggest challenge during construction, as it is a very difficult and precise operation which can be prevented by even a minimal change in the weather. The roof structure, in the case of the 32,000 m3 tanks we are building for PERN, has a diameter of 43 m and weighs 220 tonnes. The structure is prepared in the pre-assembly yard next to the tank, and then mounted on the tank. For this task, a Terex SL3800 crawler crane was used to lift the roof to a height of about 20 m and move it onto the tank.

- The Mostostal Warszawa and Mostostal Płock consortium, thanks to its engineers experienced in power and industrial construction, performs the most technologically advanced and precise operations. An example is the assembly of the roof on the tanks. The success of this operation is possible only thanks to the teamwork and precision of the roof and the tank, so that these elements fit together during assembly. The difference in the fit of the elements was only 45 mm on the circuit length of 135 m - says Janusz Lisowski, Project Director at Mostostal Warszawa. - We managed to complete this important stage of construction on time, despite the high dependence on weather conditions. I would like to thank teams from all construction sites for their commitment and reaching this stage of construction.

Construction of the tank at the Fuel Depot in Debogórze took place using a different, more labour-intensive method. It is a traditional method involving the assembly of the individual elements of the tank - lips, roof transoms, sheet metal sheathing - one by one, without pre-assembly. Despite this, the tank is currently at the same stage of construction as the tanks in Nowa Wieś Wielka and Koluszki. - It is possible thanks to the whole Mostostal Warszawa team and very good cooperation on the construction site with workers of our consortium - Mostostal Płock, for which I am very grateful - says Janusz Lisowski.

The construction is taking place within the scope of the task, which Mostostal Warszawa will realise in a consortium with Mostostal Płock. The task includes construction of seven storage tanks with the capacity of 32 thousand m3 each at the PERN Fuel Depots in Nowa Wieś Wielka (3 units), Koluszki (3 units) and Dębogórze (1 unit). The planned completion date for all contracts is July 2022.

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Photo: MW.