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The stained glass windows return to the Gdańsk Główny Railway Station

01 February 2021

As part of the revitalization of the Gdańsk Główny railway station, Mostostal Warszawa is implementing the largest stained glass investment in Poland. So far, we have already made a stained glass window measuring 41.27 square metres in the facade of the building from the platform side.

Construction works related to the reconstruction of the station are underway. As part of them, conservation works are carried out, the first effects of which we can already admire. So far, specialists have made and inserted stained glass on the side of the platforms, measuring a total of 41.27 square meters, and inserted into the facade of the building. For its creation, the so-called cathedral glass was used - colorless and dyed in colors such as: light, medium and dark straw; light and dark green and red. Due to the size and nature of the works, it is the largest stained glass investment currently underway in Poland.

The symbolism of the stained glass refers to the railway and the city of Gdańsk. In the round fields there is an "axle", a winged wheel that has long been connected with rail transport, which symbolizes power and speed. The second of the large-area stained glass windows, which will return to the front elevation in spring, will present the coat of arms of Gdańsk, the heads of lions and the king's head, as well as personifications of the four seasons, which, in the designer's intention, is to show a strong city open to everyone all year round.

- The modernization of the Gdańsk Główny railway station is a great challenge, among others, due to the reconstruction of the historical appearance of the facility. One of the elements of this reconstruction are the stained glass windows on the facade. Such a huge historical element required extraordinary precision not only in design and implementation, but also in assembly. This task has been completed and I am glad that as part of the reconstruction we are conducting, it will be possible to admire the stained glass windows referring to the symbolism of the railroad and the city - says Jorge Calabuig Ferre, Vice President of the Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa.

The modernization of the historic Gdańsk Główny railway station is the largest project, worth over PLN 100 million, implemented by PKP S.A. as part of the Railway Station Investments Program for 2016-2023. The reconstruction of the station is carried out in consultation with the conservator of monuments, and thanks to the investment it is possible to recreate many architectural details, including in cartouches with the coats of arms of Pomeranian towns and former checkout and shop windows. The investment is co-financed by the European Union under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program, and the general contractor is Mostostal Warszawa.