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S61 Ełk Południe-Wysokie - work is in full swing!

06 October 2021

Read about the works on the S61 Ełk Południe-Wysokie construction site.

We are implementing the investment in a consortium with Trakcja PRKiI and PEUiM Białystok.

What is the stage of work progress?

At the end of September, we completed over 55% of the scope of the task for Mostostal Warszawa, including road works 47%, bridge 65%, industries 56%. Only this year, we have completed works with a total value of almost PLN 135 million net.

The following were performed on the road:

- dehumidification - 637 thousand m2,

- soil replacement - 729 thousand m3,

- excavations - 563 thousand m3,

- embankments - 950 thousand m3,

- auxiliary substructure - 158 thousand m2,

- main foundation - 50,000 m2.

The progress of works on 13 bridge structures carried out by Mostostal Warszawa is currently 65%. Works related to the implementation of:

- plates of load-bearing structures (6 out of 12 plates of load-bearing structures are concreted),

- sidewalks,

- assembly of a steel structure,

- insulation,

- backfills.

What are we going to work on in the near future?

In the near future, surface works will be carried out on the plates of load-bearing structures, barriers and drainage collectors will be installed, as well as finishing works. By the end of the year, we plan to put two road viaducts over the main S-61 route into service after the test loads have been performed.

Currently, works are still being carried out on the replacement of the ground, foundations with KŁSM and we are at the final stage of erecting embankments. By the end of 2021, we plan to lay an auxiliary foundation along the entire main route and, under favorable weather conditions, up to 50% of the main foundation.

Industry works are also carried out. We have already rebuilt all collisions with the water and sewage infrastructure, as well as electricity and telecommunications. In total, 45 different networks interfered with the road system. At the same time, we are carrying out the construction of drainage of the road body. The rainwater drainage system with pretreatment devices and retention tanks is 58% ready. In addition, work is underway on the construction of the lighting of the main route S61, connections to the rainwater pumping station and the traffic management system.

About S61 Ełk Południe-Wysokie

The contract for the design and construction of the S61 on the 23 km Ełk Południe-Wysokie section was concluded on July 19, 2018 with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, as well as members of the consortium: Trakcja PRKiI and PEUiM Białystok. - S61 is a strategic investment not only for the region and the whole country. It can also be of great importance on an international scale - said Jorge Calabuig Ferre, Vice President of the Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa, during the signing of the contract.

The road under construction is a fragment of the largest road investments in Europe: Via Carpatia and Via Baltica. As part of the task, over 19 km of the S61 road will be built on the section between the Ełk Południe junction and the Wysokie junction and a section of the S16 road with a length of 3,425 km. The scope of the contract includes the performance of all necessary works for the proper functioning of the expressway. In addition to the construction of fragments S61 and S16, the works will include, among others reconstruction of existing roads, construction of engineering facilities, infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, connections, road safety devices and emergency crossings. In addition, drainage, telecommunication network, lighting and environmental protection devices will be installed. Click to read more about the investment.

Author of the video: Marcin Kulejewski, MW.